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That’s the Ticket!

I’ve just read Sarah Perez‘s post on ReadWriteWeb about the future of mobile ticketing. I know that doesn’t sound like the most enthrawling subject to read about, but it is actually hugely relevant to LosingFace and will definitely being commonplace for all of us in the next year or so.

Think of the implications of being able to buy cinema tickets whilst stuck on the bus on the way to the theatre knowing you’ll miss it otherwise. Imagine being able to choose your seats and click OK, knowing it is already registered to your current account. Imagine being able to rock up at said cinema, by-pass the box office and simply flash your phone at the attendant outside the door to the screen.

Whether at first it is simply a barcode generator so that the attendant can scan it like a printed ticket or (in the long game) the ability to simply read your phone using NFC – this will be huge amongst those of us out there that aren’t too hot at remembering everything when we leave the house, those of us who could really be more prompt and more so than any other, those of us who really believe in ‘The Simpler The Better’.

I’ve already used a bodged attempt at mobile ticketing. When I flew to the states with my best friends and their band in November I checked in with just my passport and the e-ticket details saved on my phone.

I didn’t need to print anything off only to forget it before leaving the office. I didn’t have anything else to make sure I didn’t leave during two weeks of mayhem. All worked perfectly smoothly.

My only concern with mobile ticketing (in contrast to my massive desire to see this implemented worldwide, across every industry as of tomorrow morning) is that age old concern with mobile phones, the one bit of their technology that is edging forward barely at all – battery life.

How pissed would you be if you had a mobile ticket for your favourite band in the whole world and you battery dies before you reach the venue? Suddenly, the ticket you used to remember to pick up before leaving the house now has to be sufficiently charged!


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