Barclaycard have made Wireless… wireless!

Huzzah! Huzzah, I cry!

The time has come! The time has come in which I can go to a festival (albeit in Hyde Park surrounded by one of the biggest cities in the world) and enjoy the liberty of consumption.

I have just heard that Wireless, now sponsored by Barclaycard (the guys that made the card that stopped me ever having to walk home at 3am again), has installed contactless payment terminals across 50 vendors within the site!

Me with my contactless Barclaycard... card waaay back when.

I’ve spent over two years in a quandary, not permanently mind, just pretty much every summer; I love music and have always been quite a festival goer – since starting Losing Face, I have been pretty much incapacitated by the cash-centric campsite culture.

After starting this thing back in November 2007, I’ve only been to one festival, Glastonbury 2009, because of my in ability to spend money whilst I am there – it is all too easy to end up not having such a good time because of hunger, thirst… soberness.

Glasto was incredible, absolutely incredible, but I took everything I would need for 3 days with me… two loaves of bread, a chorizo, big bag of crisps, some breakfast bars, 3 massive bottles of water and a fair few bottles of varying types of alcohol – all because I knew I wouldn’t be able to spend so much as a penny whilst I was there.

I lasted out, and in good form too, we even ate the remaining crisps on the coach back to London on Sunday night. However, it was far more of a triumph over diversity rather than a triumph over cash – not spending anything isn’t living without cash, it is living without money!

So, where am I off to this weekend? Wireless… and what an apt name that is.

It means if I get hungry whilst I am there, I can eat! If I get thirsty, I can drink – hell, if I want to do anything that costs money I ruddy well can and I ruddy well will!

To be honest, it feels a bit odd; I spent 2 and a bit years basically struggling to live without cash, especially right back at the beginning. Now I am off to a three-day festival with nothing more than my wallet in my pocket… and my phone.

I really believe we are at a shift-point in payment rituals – it won’t be long before NFC is an every day commodity, replacing the change in people’s pockets.

Here is hoping anyway!


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