I’m Still Here!!

Well, after more than a month since my last post (and far, far too long since my last positive post) I thought it was about time I checked in with LosingFace. In actual fact, it took an email from my grandfather asking me if I was still doing the cashless thing for me to log in… over a week after receiving the email.

Before deciding to write a new post I read through the last few – it was quite a depressing read!

Sorry about that. I’ll try harder to be more positive in the future, I promise.

The truth is, what usually happens, happened. I stagnated. What was possible became common place, what wasn’t became unachievable and therefore irritating. What is there to write about when nothing eventful happens? Nothing. What is there to write about when the only things that do happen aren’t exactly happy happenings? Pessimistic rantings, and that is all. Great.

Instead of personally experiences, on the grounds that the only things that stand out are hurdles I usually jump, maybe I should just write about other people’s cashless news? Fictional happenings? Maybe I could spend my days sat dreaming up a future for my Utopian cashless society…! Well, as exciting as that last option sounds, I think the answer is a mix of all three.

I’m still fascinated by cashless living, the gargantuan efforts undertaken by some great minds to persuade our public to adopt new and initially-uncomfortable new processes in what they do best, spending.

I’m going to write more about what interests me, rather than what just pisses me off.

…starting tomorrow.


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One response to “I’m Still Here!!

  1. Mo

    Pollyanna is such an inspiration when you feel a little negative. Or am i just too naive. Well is that such a bad thing? Nah.

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