“Where on earth have you been?”

I haven’t updated LosingFace for what seems like an eternity.  It isn’t because I haven’t wanted to; I just simply haven’t had as much to write about. It has been well over 18 months since I began this cashless endeavour and I’m used to it now. I know what I can do; I know what I still can’t and therefore how to get around the trickier situations anecdote-free.

My shoulder is almost 100% fixed after a careful year of scans, restricted movement and very little boisterousness so I am back on a bike every day – no hassle with Oyster cards breaking or running out of money any more.

I always carry two cards after the run in with HSBC’s overly cautious fraud department and I found myself without any money for seven days. At worst a bar tab gets too big for me to remember I have one and have to return the next day to settle it in order to retrieve the whichever card is behind the till.

I even made it through the whole of Glastonbury festival without resorting to cash. Although I think it deserves it’s own post in the not-so-distant future, in short – preparing in advance meant I didn’t need to rely on anyone (minus one pair of sunglasses) and could stay as sloshed as my friends all weekend.

So what have I been doing all these months? Well, amongst a new job, the end of a relationship and the beginning of another, I found myself making a pseudo public service announcement about living with out cash with the guys at VISA.

Upon watching, I must explain – I don’t usually look quite this rubbish. That isn’t to say I ever look good, heavens no. But this was a day in searing London heat, wearing a leather jacket and a hangover so horrific that it felt like Satan had gone for a number two behind my retinas.

Seriously, I spent an entire 12 hours sweating pure evil and forgetting my embarrassingly short lines.

I promise to write more in the future. Sorry.


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